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Art and Bloody Mary’s

13 Oct


Getting out to the further parts of Amsterdam can introduce you to the new artists and designers of today and tomorrow who are helping to build up social connections in local communities through creative involvement, participation and awareness.

This weekend you can see what they are up to in Bos en Lommer by following the art routes around and checking out some of the Ateliers and the artists work. There will also be performances, cake , food and a pop up bloody mary bar.


13 & 14 OCTOBER, artists [visual, craft, applied performance], writers and musicians see, hear and taste what they can during the 2nd edition of the BOLO-K Kunstroutes.

The route start s at 8 Kunstwandelingen from 13:00pm to 16:00pm

Taste the art life in Bos en Lommer, visit the workshops, participate in exhibitions, open stages.
Kids of all ages: drawing, dancing, bright flowers make the Apple Factory, Van Ghent Square Kinderplein

The website is in Dutch but there is a full program and route are online for more details on timings and events.



Highlights for the day


Visit the Novel for an expo and some cake, ran by the Bookstore Project initiative and the New Collagists. THE BOOKSTORE is a project in the Kolenkitbuurt, Amsterdam-West, initiated by The New Collagists and the housing association Stadgenoot. More than a dozen artists from six countries have been given the opportunity of living in the neighbourhood for an affordable rent. In return for this, they are expected to make a contribution to development of the area.



De Coppel


The Coppel sets its doors for the second edition of Bolo-K
On the program: The Movie: The Kaf and the Choirs of Stefan Wittekamp and Suzanne Arts, Photos of Odette Denis, collages and drawings by Marieke van der Velden and three-dimensional landscapes of Daan Holsmuller.

To top it all off to expose the girls From the Assign their photos AND for the opportunity they get the bloody mary bar out of the closet!


Waar: Coppelstockstraat 50
Tijd: 12.00- 24.00
Entree: gratis
Contact: decoppel@decoppel.nl


Happy Saturday and have fun!



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