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Good Ol’ Fashioned Christmas Lounge & Mini Market Pop Up

6 Dec


Very excited to have MAKE team up with for a Good Ol’ Fashioned Christmas Lounge & Mini Market Pop Up.

Bringing together a fun festive event with great friends, great food, drink, music and products. All details can be found on our facebook events page:

But just to tease you or if you don’t make it to the events page, here are the menus and the bands that will delight all of your senses.

Festive Drinks Menu

Festive Food Menu




We hope to see you on Sunday for some truly traditional festive fun!

Claire and Mirabai



Open Mic Night- Bomberleo & Friends

6 Dec

Big shout out to BomberLeo and Friends, happening tonight in the Oost! Sadly I cannot make it as I am too busy preparing for the Christmas Pop Up this weekend (more on that to come). But my hubbie is playing, so go check out The Mass Seduction, and all the other great acts that will be playing tonight. Sad to be missing it! But then both BomberLeo and The Mass Seduction are also playing at the Christmas Lounge and Mini Market Pop Up this Sunday too! Twice in one week arn’t you all lucky!

BomberLeo & Friends

All details below:

The last BomberLéo & Friends for a little while is on its way… NOT in Betty, TOO!

Coming thursday, december the 6th, we’ll take the stage in café ZEN, Molukkenstraat 2 (Amsterdam-Oost). Please join us!

The night starts at 8 (as usual) and ends whenever it needs to end (as usual). (The only differences are alcohol and not having to risk standing on the stairs for 3 hours.)

Performing artists are: Theo & Corinne, Ben and his band ‘Mass Seduction’, Unom, Joost van Kersbergen, Jorrit Mulder, The Storytellers, Maxim Aafjes, Yuri, BomberLéo, whoever comes up on the open mic, and Zen’s house-dj who will be juicing the night up with some chillin records. BLAF’s season 1 compilation cd’s will be available too for a very very special price!

So get your asses over there and treat yourself to an inspiring evening, or treat us to an open-mic surpreso!

See you the 6th, thursday, 8 pm, café ZEN.

kusjes BomberLéo

Twitching for the Witching

26 Oct

So the dark hours are nearly descending upon us. No I am not talking about daylight saving, although that is coming very soon as well. I am talking about the spooking hours, as it is nearly Halloween. With many party celebrations starting this weekend, including the BAD ASS HALLOWEEN PARTY I am gathering inspiration for my costume and all things halloween.

So here are some quick links to parties and events this weekend.

Friday Night Skate Zombie Special, Film Museum, Vondel Park, 26th October 2012, FREE


BOSS, From the old to the New, Paradiso, 26th October 2012, 12pm, 13.50Euros


Halloween Parade,Van Metro-station Rokin, 8pm, Saturday 27th October, 2012,  FREE


BAD ASS HALLOWEEN PARTY, Barco, Saturday 26th October 2012, 9pm, 5 EUROS


Halloween Run, These zombies don’t walk, they RUN! Join Run2Day in their annual Halloween Run. Special flesh mob at the Odeon will take place midway during the run at 23:00pm, 27th October 2012, FREE


DEAD FAMOUS, Odeon Theater, 27th October 2012, 10pm, Tickets 22 Euros



ImageThe End is Near Party , Saturday October 27th 2012 , Tickets 24.50 Euros


The Freakiest Halloween Special Everrrr…, Amsterdam Beat Club, Paradiso, 11pm, 31st October 2012, 5 EUROS


Halloween at Roest! Authentic American Halloween bash, 31st October 2012, 20:00pm * Entree € 5

Bargain Junkie

12 Oct

My weakness – bargain hunting

I cannot help it, I just LOVE a good bargain. Selling, swapping, thrift-ing, car booting, second hand rummaging, street combing, or vintage seeking, what ever you call it, it is my weakness. A box of dusty vinyl under a pasting bench, surrounded by stuffed toys, smelly old man’s trousers, and some bad cut glass is my kryptonite. It makes me go weak at the knees.

To a quick trained eye and a short finger thumb rifle through some old record sleeves can lead to only a few Euros spent on some seriously delicious old skool tunes. Why bother so many may say with the likes of spotify, grooveshark, soundcloud and itunes your favourite tunes are easily downloaded from the comfort of your home or office. As a lover of all things music and media I also can spend many hours digitally thrift-ing, but records just simply evoke different emotions, I love listening to the sound of analogue, it feels richer, raw, in the moment and a trip often down memory lane. Of course all music reminisces with thoughts and memories from the past, whether it be digital or analogue. But records also take me on a journey as to when and where I found and discovered them or received them as a present.

Vinyl Junkie

The addiction however does not simply stop at the pleasure of listening to the hissing of a second hand Fats Domino record playing on a Saturday afternoon, my home and my heart are filled with second hand and vintage records, books, clothes, shoes, handbags, hats, furniture, kitchen and home ware, the list goes on. So I thought I would share my top tips to finding things that you will love and that probably several people have loved and cherished before. How to train your eye so you can also own wonderful items, with out making your home looking like Steptoe and Sons. Some may call it junk or hoarding. Some call it retro, vintage, recycled or simple second hand. I call it being a bargain junkie. After all great design lasts for many many years.

Steptoe and Son

Where to look for a bargain.

You will be surprised. Once you start you cannot stop, there are treasures everywhere. That would be a blog post in itself, so I will keep it brief. Look out for things on the street (especially on rubbish day) markets, new and old; permanent and temporary, second hand stores, vintage stores, charity shops, pop up stores, car boots and free-cycle online sites.

Flea Market Treasures

Have some idea in mind of the things you would like to source.

Maybe you are moving, or have recently moved, make a note of the types of items that you are looking for.  Or you would like new outfit for an event or a party, think about what you already have and what may go with an outfit to re-new it, a hat or scarf or some jewellery. Maybe you need a present for someone, keep in mind the things your friends have passions for. Having some idea in your head as to what to look for before hand is helpful in often being able to visually sift through a vast number of items.

Whatever your taste

Taste, it is personal, what is yours?

It is simple; you are you, so look for things that reflect you and your personality. For example my love is for 1960s mid century Modern classics or reproductions. I try and stick to this so that my home has a fairly unified feel. Maybe your taste is pin up 50’s, neon 80’s, hipster, punk or just more eclectic and that is fine, but be aware many items from different eras and styles can and will look like a junk shop if you are not careful.

Anything is vintage nowadays

Take your time.

Everyone is different at sourcing, for example flea markets can be very over whelming with so many stalls, people, noise, how and what to look at can seem like a daunting task to most people. It is also dependant on how much time you have. But do try and take your time and don’t rush. If it goes to someone else it is meant to be. But give yourself time to visit stores and markets to see what is on offer.

Lots of items can be over whelming

Get and over view.

At the flea markets I generally do a quick walk around all stalls spending no more than a few minutes quickly glancing over the items. This will give you an idea of the volume of items they have per stall, the type of items, quality of the items and the era. And then you can move on. Think of it like internet shopping, if you have something in mind that you want to purchase most people now go to price compare sites, or different online stores for different items. Use the same principle at the flea market. Get a good overview and see what is on offer and then you can go back and spend more time at the individual stalls that you liked the look of.

Don’t go crazy.

Choose items that you REALLY want and will compliment your home, your wardrobe your music collection. Otherwise they will stick out like a sore thumb, or you will never use them, wear them or admire them. They will just gather dust and or eventually end in a cupboard or back in the recycle/trash.

Leather is often a real bargain at the flea market – go on give it a sniff

Remember it is about a bargain.

Value is the hardest thing a lot of people cope with when coming to second hand or vintage goods. As individuals have a different value on certain items than others. There are therefore three approaches to this.

1.)Research before you go on a shopping adventure for the items that you are looking for. There are so many online sites now for second hand, hand made and vintage goods that if you have something in mind look it up online and compare costs and then you have a reasonable value in mind before going shopping.

2)Personal Budget is important, only take with you how much you expect to spend; this will limit impulsive spending, or spending over and above what you originally wanted to spend.

3.)Love – it happens – suddenly you are head over heels, there is no reasoning, no logic, it just happens. You find something you simply cannot live without (ok well you could but you refuse to) and you can therefore just spend what you want and you know it will be something that you will love for a very very long time to come, therefore the cost out weighs the true value, because you cannot put a value on love. Just buy it!

White or all white – you negotiate

The Art of Negotiation

Not all shops, markets and pop ups will let you negotiate. However I am a true believer that if you do not ask you do not get. Ultimately the absolute key to doing this well is to not offend. So always ask first how much an item is. Try not to look like you want it too much. And look at a couple of other items of interest (if there are some) at the same time. Go in with a counter offer, not too low and expect to meet somewhere in the middle. If they refuse to haggle you can either walk away and this may change the sellers mind and offer you the goods at a reasonable offer, or ask them if they will be prepared to lower the item if you buy more than one thing from them. Be warned and sorry my Dutch friends, (but you know it is true) the Dutch do not negotiate well or sometimes at all. Be prepared. But still try and always do it with a smile and a joke after all it is meant to be fun!

Trash or treasure?

Be realistic

You have to be realistic that some items you fall in love with will be better quality than others, and more and more people are getting wise to retro and vintage era pieces. Which means that the item will actually be priced at what it is worth because it is designer and the seller knows it. Or an item will be sold “as vintage” at a higher rate because it is a trend. So again be careful and only pay for something if you feel it is worth that amount.

Hand –made this means different things to different people, my rule is if it is made very well and is a good quality item, remember it is hand –made and has taken someone a lot of time and love to create it. Just because it is in a pop up store or a market doesn’t mean that it is cheap. Think about the energy someone would have spent on it and pay reasonably for it. Besides what seems a bit pricey could end up being a bargain as everyone has to start some where and often creative’s and start ups have to start putting their goods onto the market with as little over heads as possible so this means pops and flea markets. Your investment could be in tomorrows next on trend designer.

old, new, handmadeor just simply JUNK!


Keep in mind how you will get your items home. Often especially at flea markets they do not have bubble wrap, paper or even bags. Take some carrier bags with you, even paper if you are looking for example some new wine glasses. Also it is much more environmentally friendly. If you are looking for items for a new home or re-decoration make sure you have transport to get it back to its new home. And also think about how long you want to shop for. Buying a larger item and then carrying it around for another hour or so is not much fun. Some shops or markets for a small deposit will keep your item until the end of the day, but ask.

Amazing flea market in Paris – But this citroen was not going to get us and our finds back to Amsterdam.


Shopping in general is not the love of ALL people. In fact my best friend James refuses to go shopping and would rather sit in the pub whilst I have an hour or two retail therapy but only if he is prepared, actually he is always prepared as he loves a good pint I’m also lucky that he understands that us girls have our shopping needs. Same for my husband, he does however love to shop and we can have the best day out, but he has to totally be in the mood and it is no fun for either of us if he is not and unwilling. If you do go with someone make sure they are also just as excited about a good rummage as you, and the right influence, bad choices and buys can totally come down to the advice of a friend with completely different taste and style to you. Dogs and children, well you can do it, but they get bored, tired and hungry. Just be prepared.

Yes my husband bought some mannequin hands – they now sit proudly on our book shelf

Nothing at all

Remember you do not have to buy anything at all. Go with your gut, if you really are not seeing anything at all that you want to purchase than DON’T. Bargain shopping is about the warm fuzzy feeling that you got something that you love for a really good deal. If you take something home that you regret it can ruin a whole afternoon or even a day of fun. Remember especially flea markets are vibrant places, you can also take home that you did some great people watching, there is often food and drink so you can have a bite to eat, go and hang out with friends, and even just talk and discuss some of the more weird and down right terrible items that were on offer. And you still get a GREAT day out.

I hope these tips help you to some fruitful pickings.

IJhallen Market, NDSM sometimes up to several hundres stalls


This weekend I will be getting weak at the knees at the IjHallen Market in NDSM Warf. I thoroughly recommend this monthly flea market as one of the best in Amsterdam.


Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October

NDSM Wharf

Adults entrance 4 Euros

Children 1.50euros

Dogs allowed


Keep a Breast

15 Sep

ImageNice pair of guns

Yes I know there seems to be a growing thread here from one post to the next. Kinky leather talk to “breasts”! Well I can assure you that this post is creativity with a cause. And yes I will mention the word “breasts” a few times, but despite the childish need to have a giggle at the word “breasts” and yes that’s to you boys to men. Us women are quite fond of our bristols; thrupney bits; milk jugs; the twins; bosoms; lady lumps; boobies; pinky and perky; bazookas, what ever you want to call them, we like them rather a lot.


Which makes it incredibly unfortunate that many women every year are diagnosed with breast cancer. Any cancer diagnosis is hard and I have lived through many experiences of tragedy and successes with my family and friends through the diagnosis of cancer, even right now. It’s the biggest fight of your life for patients and their families and friends. Ultimately the success rates are the positives to focus on, as in life every person and situation is incredibly unique and so many factors determine each diagnosis and course of treatment for the particular type of cancer someone has actually got.


Keep an eye on your breasts


This is why it is so important to not forget the fighters and the survivor’s and yes it is a cliché, but there are many new surprises and developments not only with modern medicine, but personal attitude towards nutrition, health and well-being, to help someone’s survival against the disease. It is so important we all gain as much knowledge factually and emotionally to support people we care and love and to help raise awareness for others that may one day be delivered that terrible news or for those who are also fighting out there somewhere in the world.

As by no means are people alone, there are many sufferers and supporters out there going through very similar emotions of fear, worry, shock, sadness, helplessness and in doubt of what the future may hold. They are the people we need to remain positive and strong for and to encourage them and be there for them,  with all our heart and happiness.


There are a number of charities and fund-raisers by means of support and many worthy support groups that offer advice, guidance and facts. We can all find some way of helping, and I understand not everyone can run a marathon, climb a mountain or throw themselves out of a plane to raise money for charity. Those people who do are very commendable, however even small amounts of someone’s money or time are important, and I believe the most important factor is knowledge and awareness. So even if you take the time to read this blog, and look at some of the links I will post, hopefully at least one more person out there is more knowledgeable on a disease that can be prevented and cured by awareness, screenings and early detection.

Alternatively if you want to do more, you can support breast cancer awareness, here in Amsterdam, in a fun and energetic way, via music, art and performance at the WOMEN WHO ROCK event at Melkweg. Artists have cast and molded their own pair of boobies with unique designs and yes you could get them for keeps! You could auction your own artistic pair whilst supporting a great cause, then rock on to some great bands. Now is that not a nice warm fuzzy feeling way to spend a Saturday?


For a little peek at what is on offer the wonderfully creative Mirabai Lazette De Monchy  from has come up with a superb creation.


And muso Dorien Klooster will be rocking out with her band Vrouwen Zijn OK.



September 23rd 2012

Melkweg, Amsterdam

The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) invites you to,
Keep A Breast Women who Rock, a unique exhibition to create awareness for breast cancer. Women who Rock takes place on September 23, 2012 in the Amsterdam Melkweg. Besides the exhibition and a presentation on KAB, a nonprofit organization dedicated to create breast cancer awareness amongst young people, a couple of cool bands will hit the stage to show their support to the foundation.


Vrouwen zijn OK!, Houses, I KIssed Charles, Drive Like Maria ( special acoustic set), Kill Ferelli and Only Seven Leftlinks:
Kill Ferelli:
Vrouwen zijn OK:
I Kissed Charles:
Only Seven Left:
Tickets on sale now!
“The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. Our mission is to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. We provide support programs for young people impacted by cancer and educate people about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment.”
“Keep A Breast Foundation is proud to be the leading global youth breast cancer organization. Our presence in Europe, Canada and Australia is only just the beginning! We are continually working to spread our important message of education and awareness. Check this page for event updates and more details on what Keep A Breast is doing internationally”
For more information on Keep A Breast Europe:

Thursday Treats For your Ears!

19 Jan


Thursday 19th Jan



8pm – midnight

reguliersdwarsstraat 29

Tonight band ‘Grimm’, poet ‘The Tactful Cactus’, mc ‘Fredee Brazil’, singer-songwriter ‘Three Drowned Mermaids’, guitarists ‘Craig Latta’ and ‘Driu’ and one-man-band ‘The Drip Dry Man’ will remind us of the wholesomeness of creativity!

Come and see BomberLéo and her talented Friends live at 8 pm @ betty, too or tune in to the BLAF-stream on facebook!

BomberLéo & friends is a monthly opportunity for befriended artists (musicians, poets and spoken word artists, writers etc.) to share and exchange their newest ideas, try out new songs, projects or ideas in an intimate place like Betty, Too!

Without the pressure of having to play a full, serious gig, but with the motivational or encouraging push of… an interested and quietly listening audience. Performances are all acoustic (or semi-acoustic).

Our aim is to have a variety of styles and a mix of more- and less experienced artists. Besides the prepared performances their will be plenty room for spontaneous acts and improvisation. Participation and input of the audience is always welcome!

BomberLéo and Betty, TOO! hope to provide a breeding nest for creativity. A place to not only perform or listen, but to inspire and get inspired, support and get supported as well.

Interested in playing/performing? Let us know! (leave a message on the FB page or send an e-mail to BomberLéo:

About Bomberleo:

Bomberleo is a one chick boom band, based in Amsterdam. Singer, songwriter and musical networker. If you want to hear an amazing bluesy voice all whilst playing several instruments at the same time, than you are in for a treat. We were also privileged to have Bomberleo play at our wedding!

Genre: Blues / Rockabilly / Singer-Songwriter


Venue: VOLTA

Houtmankade 336  1013  RR  Amsterdam

21.30 – 12.30pm

Another Amsterdam Band, Kid Totem and The Electric Mayhem is the conglomeration of acoustic kid Vincent de Bel (The Ticket That Exploded, Pop Zavs FFF) and electro-kid Rick van der Ree (ElectRick)… With the help of stray kid Danny van Dommelen they took a while recording their debut EP ‘The introduction of Kid Totem and The Electric Mayhem’ somewhere halfway 2011.


Vincent de Bel,
Rick van der Ree,
Danny van Dommelen

Genre Electro-acoustic-indie-pop-rock-folk

Good Thursday huh? I will try and make both, if I can .
Go and check at least one of them out!

Get your SPOOK on!

12 Oct

The Munchies

So it’s that time of year again……. to get ready , to throw out your inhibitions, to get a little bit creative and crafty, and hopefully down right weird and scary!


And this year I can notify all you Amsterdammer’s and anyone else out there thinking of a fun little holiday jaunt, to get their butt’s along to THE BAD ASS HALLOWEEN PARTY, at De Neiuwe Anita, Amsterdam for Halloween celebrations this year!

Joris and Mirabai de Monchy bring to you:

So who are Joris and Mirabai De Monchy?

Well otherwise known as The Munchies, they are a brood of five, Ma, Pa, and their three girls. Having re -located from U.S.A a long, long time ago and carrying some NL blood along with them, means they cook up a fine home-brew of stateside Halloween fun mixed with some freaky deaky Dutch-style!

Think the ultimate Adam’s Family but with a serious lot more cool, kook and loveliness about them. They are also my dear friends and the ULTIMATE party people!

So I interviewed them to get a bit more on the low down about their awe-inspiring fun, Halloween nights and why and MOST importantly, the costumes and whom is the BEST dressed!


So M and J what made you start your infamous HALLOWEEN PARTIES?


Our history of giving a good party.  Great music, great costumes, prizes, pumpkin carving, horror d’oeuvres and partying till 7-8 am. This will be the first year we won’t be able to realize the free & all night party parts.  We started it out of a love for throwing parties and dressing up. It just feels right.


It was from an overwhelming sense of duty. When we came to Europe, we felt it as a calling to spread the gospel of the best holiday of the year among the unknowing heathens here.


Why are they infamous, are there any “non” censored stories you can share with us?


Halloween 2 I believe 7am playing bocce down the stairs (4 flights) and out onto the street, Halloween (4?)  The topless man dance with MC Tom, you know who you are boys! One of the times the cops came one of the Female Officers had been to our Halloween party 2 years before!  One of the guys had even slept with her…! That was a laugh. Great Dancing.  Every time.


Pretty much every year the cops show up to tell us to turn the music down. They always come as a pair, one experienced and one rookie. One year the cops showed up and the rookie, the newbie, was being very sheepish, keeping her head down, obviously uncomfortable. In the days after the party photos started circulating of a chick at a previous Halloween party completely off her face. It turned out to be the new cop, just before she started cop school.


Have they always been in Amsterdam and what type of venues are you always looking for in a good party?


We were definitely one of the first in Amsterdam.  The first party we threw no one came there was about 8 of us.  Went out to Mazzo at some point on Oct 31st all dressed up and nobody knew what to make of us.  The next year was one of our best H’ween parties ever.  The ultimate venue is always someone’s home or a warehouse.  The best-unadulterated fun can only come from house parties + BYO booze and the freedom of partying till you want to. No entry charges, everyone just pitches in a bit and we like to treat our friends to some music and drinks anyway.  Nice and easy fun. Non-commercial.  Spend your money on your costume.


They have always been in Amsterdam, and 7 of the 10 have been at our home. A few have been with our apartment and the apartment beneath us. I find that having the party at home creates the best atmosphere. It’s more relaxing. You can have a kitchen party, that sort of thing.

Party Decks- I’m guessing the aftermath!


I believe this is HALLOWEEN 10? So it’s a biggie, where will it be this year and what can we expect to be in store for this year’s celebration?


This year it is at the lovely and fitting: De Nieuwe Anita.  We are offering a minimal cover €5 but with the same constant rule: No Costume? No Party, No exceptions.  Live bands & acts, DJ’s and for those early birds Tombstone Chocolate cake and Cava.  DNA closes early so we have to get started early!  Prizes and craziness as always!


After having taken a break for 2 years, we decided that we couldn’t let another year slip by without carrying on the tradition. Although it is Halloween 10, it is actually going to be a slightly milder version, because the venue we are hosting it at, De Nieuwe Anita, closes at 1. We want to kick it off as early as possible by starting our line-up of entertainment at 20.00. People will be well primed to carry on at the various other parties that evening.


Who normally has the best outfit M or J and why and how long does it take you to come up with and make your costume?


Hmm. Joris probably.  Lots of times I am so busy organizing I don’t put loads of time into the concept. That is J’s strong point concept but he doesn’t take much time putting it together.  I loved him as Pim Fortuyn but the German Tourist was too much for me.

Mirabai- Hostess with the Mostess


I do. I have even won 2nd prize one year as the German tourist.


Whom has been the best dressed and why over the years?


Off the top of my head, Dorien made his & hers Naked Suits, great, World Trade Center- guess which year, complete with crashing airplanes, people hanging off and fire trucks.  My kids actually play with that fire truck now. Robot- Vinny looked so good and kept on his box all night on the dance floor doing guess what- ‘the robot’ of course. He drank all night through a straw (cardboard boxes spray painted silver), fish girl- garbage bags and black duct tape.  Fins, flippers, spine- really quite impressive, Leonie as Marie-Antoinette, toilet paper rolls for powdered hairdo, make-up and corset & buttress. Oh there are so many good ones…

Twin Towers


The naked people (Dorien made full body naked suits for her and her bf. Other first prizes have include robot man, Nacho libre, fish girl (homemade outfit made from various plastic bags and gaffer tape). One very noteworthy outfit was the twin towers couple.

Naked suits


Whom has had the worst outfit and why over the years?


People who show up without and outfit.  I don’t let them in.  Sometimes another Halloweener will take pity on them and give them make-up.  It’s not always take in stride! Or the people who just come with a rubber mask.  It just isn’t comfortable, and they don’t keep it on all night so they never sport the character.  Also absolute 0 for concept.


Can’t say really. Store bought costumes or head masks tend to be pretty lame. You can tell if someone has really put the effort into his or her persona. Costumes made a home from scratch are always a hit. Your outfit doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive or complex. I had a great outfit as hugger man the bear. I went to the kringloop and bought all 50 of their teddy bears and pinned them to shirt. Tada, instant cool outfit! Obviously the very worst you can do is not get dressed up. Fortunately we have a very strict door policy: No costume? No party. No exceptions. This ensures that those people who DID make the effort are rewarded with a comfortable environment of fellow believers, making the magic real.

Joris – hugger man the bear costume


And finally will there be a Halloween 11?


Lets say yes.  We’re not commercially inspired so we let chance take a role in the decision.  We would prefer to have it in a warehouse or home, we’ll just see what next year turns up!  We are always ready…


Definitely. I’m hoping to have it back at home next year, or if someone is willing to give up their own home for the sake of the party, I will pay for the cleaners.



I’m guessing DON’T worry Niewue Anita there will be no cops called this year…..but then maybe there will be an after party somewhere….. who knows.

This party will definitely be good value fun at one of the coolest venues in town. And you better go ALL out on those costumes, as you have some serious veteran Halloweener’s to contend with.

What on earth will Joris wear this year?

Whom will win the Gold First Prize for best costume?

I have know idea, but I cannot wait to find out and I tell you what, I will definitely be going for GOLD prize!



7pm- 1am October 29, 2011
Frederik Hendrikstraat 111 Amsterdam

No Costume = No Party, No exceptions
€5 at the door
DJ’s, live acts & More!
Best dressed Prizes at stroke of Midnight

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