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15 Sep

ImageNice pair of guns

Yes I know there seems to be a growing thread here from one post to the next. Kinky leather talk to “breasts”! Well I can assure you that this post is creativity with a cause. And yes I will mention the word “breasts” a few times, but despite the childish need to have a giggle at the word “breasts” and yes that’s to you boys to men. Us women are quite fond of our bristols; thrupney bits; milk jugs; the twins; bosoms; lady lumps; boobies; pinky and perky; bazookas, what ever you want to call them, we like them rather a lot.


Which makes it incredibly unfortunate that many women every year are diagnosed with breast cancer. Any cancer diagnosis is hard and I have lived through many experiences of tragedy and successes with my family and friends through the diagnosis of cancer, even right now. It’s the biggest fight of your life for patients and their families and friends. Ultimately the success rates are the positives to focus on, as in life every person and situation is incredibly unique and so many factors determine each diagnosis and course of treatment for the particular type of cancer someone has actually got.


Keep an eye on your breasts


This is why it is so important to not forget the fighters and the survivor’s and yes it is a cliché, but there are many new surprises and developments not only with modern medicine, but personal attitude towards nutrition, health and well-being, to help someone’s survival against the disease. It is so important we all gain as much knowledge factually and emotionally to support people we care and love and to help raise awareness for others that may one day be delivered that terrible news or for those who are also fighting out there somewhere in the world.

As by no means are people alone, there are many sufferers and supporters out there going through very similar emotions of fear, worry, shock, sadness, helplessness and in doubt of what the future may hold. They are the people we need to remain positive and strong for and to encourage them and be there for them,  with all our heart and happiness.


There are a number of charities and fund-raisers by means of support and many worthy support groups that offer advice, guidance and facts. We can all find some way of helping, and I understand not everyone can run a marathon, climb a mountain or throw themselves out of a plane to raise money for charity. Those people who do are very commendable, however even small amounts of someone’s money or time are important, and I believe the most important factor is knowledge and awareness. So even if you take the time to read this blog, and look at some of the links I will post, hopefully at least one more person out there is more knowledgeable on a disease that can be prevented and cured by awareness, screenings and early detection.

Alternatively if you want to do more, you can support breast cancer awareness, here in Amsterdam, in a fun and energetic way, via music, art and performance at the WOMEN WHO ROCK event at Melkweg. Artists have cast and molded their own pair of boobies with unique designs and yes you could get them for keeps! You could auction your own artistic pair whilst supporting a great cause, then rock on to some great bands. Now is that not a nice warm fuzzy feeling way to spend a Saturday?


For a little peek at what is on offer the wonderfully creative Mirabai Lazette De Monchy  from has come up with a superb creation.


And muso Dorien Klooster will be rocking out with her band Vrouwen Zijn OK.



September 23rd 2012

Melkweg, Amsterdam

The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) invites you to,
Keep A Breast Women who Rock, a unique exhibition to create awareness for breast cancer. Women who Rock takes place on September 23, 2012 in the Amsterdam Melkweg. Besides the exhibition and a presentation on KAB, a nonprofit organization dedicated to create breast cancer awareness amongst young people, a couple of cool bands will hit the stage to show their support to the foundation.


Vrouwen zijn OK!, Houses, I KIssed Charles, Drive Like Maria ( special acoustic set), Kill Ferelli and Only Seven Leftlinks:
Kill Ferelli:
Vrouwen zijn OK:
I Kissed Charles:
Only Seven Left:
Tickets on sale now!
“The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. Our mission is to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. We provide support programs for young people impacted by cancer and educate people about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment.”
“Keep A Breast Foundation is proud to be the leading global youth breast cancer organization. Our presence in Europe, Canada and Australia is only just the beginning! We are continually working to spread our important message of education and awareness. Check this page for event updates and more details on what Keep A Breast is doing internationally”
For more information on Keep A Breast Europe:

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