Loose with leather

14 Sep

Last week myself and my husband and the dog went on travels to Berlin, one of our most loved cities in Europe. And we got a true Berliner sight-seeing treat. Unexpected, it was not our normal Saturday venture, very different, intriguing, funny, shocking, slightly naughty and overall very fun. Purely as spectators we went to the Folsom Europe Festival, translation is Fetish Festival.  And no we did not dress up!

But it did open up a lot of questions on the day and some that are still playing on my mind now. After seeing so much leather, numerous bare bottoms, and grown adult men in their late 50s in full leather dog gimp masks, being walked around on all fours in chains, leaves some unanswered questions. In general, why? What do they do in their day job? And generally what are the majority of people’s reactions to such love of leather?

I can only answer from that day, is was incredibly decent, considerate, friendly and for the larger sense voyeuristic, but openly accepting and understanding at people’s preference to express themselves in a different way to most.  So my answer is who cares why, just do. If it doesn’t hurt anyone well not too much (and with permission), than why not.

For me it simply sparked the bigger creative curiosities to do with leather loving. In fact writing this blog I was slightly distracted by a friend messaging me, I explained I was in the middle of writing about leather and would chat later, and the response was not that unsurprising, the response message appeared “kinky!” And after the first reference on this post and why it sparked me to write about leather, it seems to be a predominant thought in most people’s minds, when you mention the word “leather”.

Leather is described in many ways, from a practical sense it is strong, tough and long-lasting. From an emotional perspective it can be seen as dark, mysterious, seductive and sexy as well as sensual. And yes kinky.

I think it is fair to say you can even fall in and out of love with leather. Or I guess leather is like Marmite you either “love it or hate it” You may not be a leather wearer but you may want a designer leather sofa in your interior or home. Some people associate it with being cheap and nasty, kinky or perverse, one day and the next they see it as prestigious, high-end, high status, high fashion.  In actual fact leather has become an iconic brand in its own right, hitting every target audience globally, and on any budget for any occasion, taste or desire.

Right now leather is very on trend in fashion. But then hasn’t it always been?  It comes and goes, but in the background it is always there. Icon’s such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe all wore leather. Even Elvis went through his leather jump suit phase. Everyone thinks of denim brands and denim as a material as iconic, but what about leather?

What 80’s girl didn’t grow up with Madonna, leather and fish net tight gloves, or 80’s punk with Sid Vicious /Sex Pistol loving customised leather jackets?

And now consumers aspire to be emotionally targeted with high-end top quality designer goods, anything from an Ipad/Iphone Leather Case, to leather home interiors and catwalk fashion. Even working in advertising/ branding and marketing, there have been a number of times I have seen leather on mood boards/ or being used in segmented target audiences to determine demographics and price points for brands and products. Leather I Pad Case

Rag and Bone first ever advertising campaign – Kate Moss – In Leather

Spring Summer 2012 – No spring Floras here – Givenchy pulled a punch with Tough Leather – Givenchy spring /summer 2012 Campaign

Even first class photographer Annie Leibovitz couldn’t resist some first class leather luggage action in Louis Vuitton Campaign’s.

You also only have to review the number of boards on http://pinterest.com/search/boards/?q=Leather that have dedicated themselves to all things leather. I guess we all have to ask ourselves, even if we are not a dog collar, leather thong wearing, fetish lover,  how loose with leather are we in other areas of our lives?

We all have a price point.

We all have our leather pleasures, guilty or not.


2 Responses to “Loose with leather”

  1. Kerry September 14, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

    (I got here via my friend Saul.)

    I love how you compare leather to marmite. It’s true!

    • MAKE January 27, 2015 at 12:55 pm #

      thanks for the comment – I will be back to blogging soon. I took a very very long break.

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