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Keep a Breast

15 Sep

ImageNice pair of guns

Yes I know there seems to be a growing thread here from one post to the next. Kinky leather talk to “breasts”! Well I can assure you that this post is creativity with a cause. And yes I will mention the word “breasts” a few times, but despite the childish need to have a giggle at the word “breasts” and yes that’s to you boys to men. Us women are quite fond of our bristols; thrupney bits; milk jugs; the twins; bosoms; lady lumps; boobies; pinky and perky; bazookas, what ever you want to call them, we like them rather a lot.


Which makes it incredibly unfortunate that many women every year are diagnosed with breast cancer. Any cancer diagnosis is hard and I have lived through many experiences of tragedy and successes with my family and friends through the diagnosis of cancer, even right now. It’s the biggest fight of your life for patients and their families and friends. Ultimately the success rates are the positives to focus on, as in life every person and situation is incredibly unique and so many factors determine each diagnosis and course of treatment for the particular type of cancer someone has actually got.


Keep an eye on your breasts


This is why it is so important to not forget the fighters and the survivor’s and yes it is a cliché, but there are many new surprises and developments not only with modern medicine, but personal attitude towards nutrition, health and well-being, to help someone’s survival against the disease. It is so important we all gain as much knowledge factually and emotionally to support people we care and love and to help raise awareness for others that may one day be delivered that terrible news or for those who are also fighting out there somewhere in the world.

As by no means are people alone, there are many sufferers and supporters out there going through very similar emotions of fear, worry, shock, sadness, helplessness and in doubt of what the future may hold. They are the people we need to remain positive and strong for and to encourage them and be there for them,  with all our heart and happiness.


There are a number of charities and fund-raisers by means of support and many worthy support groups that offer advice, guidance and facts. We can all find some way of helping, and I understand not everyone can run a marathon, climb a mountain or throw themselves out of a plane to raise money for charity. Those people who do are very commendable, however even small amounts of someone’s money or time are important, and I believe the most important factor is knowledge and awareness. So even if you take the time to read this blog, and look at some of the links I will post, hopefully at least one more person out there is more knowledgeable on a disease that can be prevented and cured by awareness, screenings and early detection.

Alternatively if you want to do more, you can support breast cancer awareness, here in Amsterdam, in a fun and energetic way, via music, art and performance at the WOMEN WHO ROCK event at Melkweg. Artists have cast and molded their own pair of boobies with unique designs and yes you could get them for keeps! You could auction your own artistic pair whilst supporting a great cause, then rock on to some great bands. Now is that not a nice warm fuzzy feeling way to spend a Saturday?


For a little peek at what is on offer the wonderfully creative Mirabai Lazette De Monchy  from has come up with a superb creation.


And muso Dorien Klooster will be rocking out with her band Vrouwen Zijn OK.



September 23rd 2012

Melkweg, Amsterdam

The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) invites you to,
Keep A Breast Women who Rock, a unique exhibition to create awareness for breast cancer. Women who Rock takes place on September 23, 2012 in the Amsterdam Melkweg. Besides the exhibition and a presentation on KAB, a nonprofit organization dedicated to create breast cancer awareness amongst young people, a couple of cool bands will hit the stage to show their support to the foundation.


Vrouwen zijn OK!, Houses, I KIssed Charles, Drive Like Maria ( special acoustic set), Kill Ferelli and Only Seven Leftlinks:
Kill Ferelli:
Vrouwen zijn OK:
I Kissed Charles:
Only Seven Left:
Tickets on sale now!
“The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. Our mission is to eradicate breast cancer for future generations. We provide support programs for young people impacted by cancer and educate people about prevention, early detection, and cancer-causing toxins in our everyday environment.”
“Keep A Breast Foundation is proud to be the leading global youth breast cancer organization. Our presence in Europe, Canada and Australia is only just the beginning! We are continually working to spread our important message of education and awareness. Check this page for event updates and more details on what Keep A Breast is doing internationally”
For more information on Keep A Breast Europe:

Loose with leather

14 Sep

Last week myself and my husband and the dog went on travels to Berlin, one of our most loved cities in Europe. And we got a true Berliner sight-seeing treat. Unexpected, it was not our normal Saturday venture, very different, intriguing, funny, shocking, slightly naughty and overall very fun. Purely as spectators we went to the Folsom Europe Festival, translation is Fetish Festival.  And no we did not dress up!

But it did open up a lot of questions on the day and some that are still playing on my mind now. After seeing so much leather, numerous bare bottoms, and grown adult men in their late 50s in full leather dog gimp masks, being walked around on all fours in chains, leaves some unanswered questions. In general, why? What do they do in their day job? And generally what are the majority of people’s reactions to such love of leather?

I can only answer from that day, is was incredibly decent, considerate, friendly and for the larger sense voyeuristic, but openly accepting and understanding at people’s preference to express themselves in a different way to most.  So my answer is who cares why, just do. If it doesn’t hurt anyone well not too much (and with permission), than why not.

For me it simply sparked the bigger creative curiosities to do with leather loving. In fact writing this blog I was slightly distracted by a friend messaging me, I explained I was in the middle of writing about leather and would chat later, and the response was not that unsurprising, the response message appeared “kinky!” And after the first reference on this post and why it sparked me to write about leather, it seems to be a predominant thought in most people’s minds, when you mention the word “leather”.

Leather is described in many ways, from a practical sense it is strong, tough and long-lasting. From an emotional perspective it can be seen as dark, mysterious, seductive and sexy as well as sensual. And yes kinky.

I think it is fair to say you can even fall in and out of love with leather. Or I guess leather is like Marmite you either “love it or hate it” You may not be a leather wearer but you may want a designer leather sofa in your interior or home. Some people associate it with being cheap and nasty, kinky or perverse, one day and the next they see it as prestigious, high-end, high status, high fashion.  In actual fact leather has become an iconic brand in its own right, hitting every target audience globally, and on any budget for any occasion, taste or desire.

Right now leather is very on trend in fashion. But then hasn’t it always been?  It comes and goes, but in the background it is always there. Icon’s such as James Dean and Marilyn Monroe all wore leather. Even Elvis went through his leather jump suit phase. Everyone thinks of denim brands and denim as a material as iconic, but what about leather?

What 80’s girl didn’t grow up with Madonna, leather and fish net tight gloves, or 80’s punk with Sid Vicious /Sex Pistol loving customised leather jackets?

And now consumers aspire to be emotionally targeted with high-end top quality designer goods, anything from an Ipad/Iphone Leather Case, to leather home interiors and catwalk fashion. Even working in advertising/ branding and marketing, there have been a number of times I have seen leather on mood boards/ or being used in segmented target audiences to determine demographics and price points for brands and products. Leather I Pad Case

Rag and Bone first ever advertising campaign – Kate Moss – In Leather

Spring Summer 2012 – No spring Floras here – Givenchy pulled a punch with Tough Leather – Givenchy spring /summer 2012 Campaign

Even first class photographer Annie Leibovitz couldn’t resist some first class leather luggage action in Louis Vuitton Campaign’s.

You also only have to review the number of boards on that have dedicated themselves to all things leather. I guess we all have to ask ourselves, even if we are not a dog collar, leather thong wearing, fetish lover,  how loose with leather are we in other areas of our lives?

We all have a price point.

We all have our leather pleasures, guilty or not.

Love? Have you got enough?

14 Sep



Love Quota House Concerts

20th September 2012

Amstelveenseweg 324-1 1076CS

Another fabulous evening of music, movement, words and images


Esther Scheller – dance
Lennie St Luce – spoken word
Marko Bonarius – double bass
Naomi Noemin, Bree van de Zuidenwind, Rose Sarpong- music
Marloes van Doorn – images

+ surprise performance(s)

19:00 dinner – please book – €7.50 main €1.50 dessert
entry price max €10

Reductions for groups, previous supporters, natural red heads, the hard up and the tight

Please mail for discount info and for dinner.Love


Are you looking for some love? Another great set up initiative in Amsterdam, supporting and reaching out to creative people who simply want to share and be involved and to work and be inspired by each other, is LOVE QUOTA. It sounds like the MAKE mantra. Which is why I wanted to tell you about Lennie and Love Quota.

Lennie is what I like to call a friendly “pass along”, call it what you want 7 degrees of separation  (now 3 degrees thanks to face book), via via, a friend of a friend, by chance, by fate. We met. And I love her company and passion. We always have fun, and inevitably at some point there is always some discussion on creativity or performance involved. So if you are looking for some love via some creativity, I recommend you head along to the next love quota.




Quota started as an initiative, to support some special charities and to create an ideal performing sphere for Lennie and others.

Love Quota is a mixed media event, with the goal of bringing people together for an afternoon of entertainment, interactive consumption. ‘Enjoying while decreasing the ‘degrees of separation’’*!

Working on the five senses, LQ is music, film, spoken word , information poetry to a mixed audience.

The afternoon/evening normally consists with food of some description, for example a warm bowl of soup and ‘speed meeting’ to break the ice. Eating and talking bring people into contact to create an informal and friendly sphere.

Each edition introduces and donates to self help initiatives by or/and for women. Further it has performances by the LQ band, film by new filmmakers, poetry by Lennie St Luce, physical performer – e.g. gymnast, dancer, a spoken word spot and four musical performances one is established, two are new and one is an emerging talent.  Each month has a theme for example January; strings and things, February; beat to the rhythm, March; women with horny horns. The evening begins with the possibility of a delicious dinner by the resident chef. The performers receive some drinks and dinner. It’s a full, varied program to keep the guests sharp and on their toes.


Originally it was 3 Sundays on 3 consecutive months. The first 3 years it was in the Cafe Wilhelmina Pakhuis but that didn’t work. In good weather everyone went outside on the water and in bad weather lots of people found it too far/inaccessible. Also the only thing that earns any money is the bar. Lennie wanted to treat performers and workers the way she wanted to be treated so even if there’s no money there is drink and food. So now LQ is hosted by equally passionate people in interesting locations and homes.



The next one will be held in Amstelveenseweg 324-1 1076CS, and if that is too far for you, why don’t you get in touch with Lennie, open your home and heart to some creativity and become a host.

Contact Lennie:

POETRY BY LENNIE (or should I say some word mongering)

Growing up means no more temper tantrums
Growing up means thinking about the consequences of your actions
Growing up isn’t always growing older
Growing up isn’t necessarily getting to be bolder
Growing up learning to deal with pain
Growing up is knowing shit happens but in essence things remain the same
Growing up is loosing your youthful looks
Growing up is starting to or wishing that you read books
Growing up is facing the fact that maybe you’ll never find true love
Growing up is having a personal inner certainty of what’s deep inside, all around, down below and up above
Growing up is seeing cycles repeat
Growing up is a preference for being on your belly, arse or back instead of your feet
Growing up can be growing together
Growing up is the realization there is no forever
Growing up can hurt it is also a joy
Growing up is leaving behind the things of girls and boys
Growing up is when you find you’re no longer naive
Growing up is when seeing that you know how to grieve and an inner certainty tells you when it’s time to leave
(even if you ignore it)
Growing up is growing to love self
or find you have to work hard to get self off the shelf
Growing up is finding you have a distinct circle of friends
Growing up is loosing track of the latest trends,
but not caring because you know that ‘life’ never ends
Growing up is being at ease in many different places
Growing up is a heart that’s scarred and the memory of too many faces
Is growing up is accepting that maybe you’ll never get where you always dreamed you’d be?
No, growing up is the knowledge that I am my life,
that you and your life, that we and our lives are as we choose them to be
and the acceptance of that knowledge is the power that will set us all free

May ’96 A’dam © Lennie St Luce


Lennie St Luce – born and raised in the UK.
“I thought I wrote poetry, it’s been called doggerel, spoken word and a whole heap of other negatives which may all be true – some people like it. I call myself a word monger” Lennie

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