Thursday Treats For your Ears!

19 Jan


Thursday 19th Jan



8pm – midnight

reguliersdwarsstraat 29

Tonight band ‘Grimm’, poet ‘The Tactful Cactus’, mc ‘Fredee Brazil’, singer-songwriter ‘Three Drowned Mermaids’, guitarists ‘Craig Latta’ and ‘Driu’ and one-man-band ‘The Drip Dry Man’ will remind us of the wholesomeness of creativity!

Come and see BomberLéo and her talented Friends live at 8 pm @ betty, too or tune in to the BLAF-stream on facebook!

BomberLéo & friends is a monthly opportunity for befriended artists (musicians, poets and spoken word artists, writers etc.) to share and exchange their newest ideas, try out new songs, projects or ideas in an intimate place like Betty, Too!

Without the pressure of having to play a full, serious gig, but with the motivational or encouraging push of… an interested and quietly listening audience. Performances are all acoustic (or semi-acoustic).

Our aim is to have a variety of styles and a mix of more- and less experienced artists. Besides the prepared performances their will be plenty room for spontaneous acts and improvisation. Participation and input of the audience is always welcome!

BomberLéo and Betty, TOO! hope to provide a breeding nest for creativity. A place to not only perform or listen, but to inspire and get inspired, support and get supported as well.

Interested in playing/performing? Let us know! (leave a message on the FB page or send an e-mail to BomberLéo:

About Bomberleo:

Bomberleo is a one chick boom band, based in Amsterdam. Singer, songwriter and musical networker. If you want to hear an amazing bluesy voice all whilst playing several instruments at the same time, than you are in for a treat. We were also privileged to have Bomberleo play at our wedding!

Genre: Blues / Rockabilly / Singer-Songwriter


Venue: VOLTA

Houtmankade 336  1013  RR  Amsterdam

21.30 – 12.30pm

Another Amsterdam Band, Kid Totem and The Electric Mayhem is the conglomeration of acoustic kid Vincent de Bel (The Ticket That Exploded, Pop Zavs FFF) and electro-kid Rick van der Ree (ElectRick)… With the help of stray kid Danny van Dommelen they took a while recording their debut EP ‘The introduction of Kid Totem and The Electric Mayhem’ somewhere halfway 2011.


Vincent de Bel,
Rick van der Ree,
Danny van Dommelen

Genre Electro-acoustic-indie-pop-rock-folk

Good Thursday huh? I will try and make both, if I can .
Go and check at least one of them out!

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