Halloween the crafting hour!

13 Oct

What a GREAT time of year to get creative. I love Halloween and find it quite self-indulgent to search for all the weird and wonderful out there and also the down right crafty!

So over the course of the next couple of weeks MAKE will bring to you all kinds of Halloween news and inspiration, just to get you in the mood for getting ready for the witching hour….wooooooo (ghost noise, even the dog is looking at me strange)

There is so much to choose from, costume making and inspirations, venues, decorations and interiors, food glorious food, makeup, film, comic books, art, music, the list could go on. All those things that make us want to get a freak on.

So to start here are some GREAT crafty ideas that are easy to copy or be inspired by for some spooky decorations to set the scene:



I love a good doilly , dye it black, brown, purple or vintage grey and use as table decorations or string a few together all different sizes to make hanging bunting or light hangings. And your tables and rooms will be converted into a spooky cob webbed lair!


Jam jars are great to use as you can recycle your old jars and simply fill with strange paper birds and insects, or fill with black pebbles and candles for some halloweenesque mood lighting. Or paint the outside of them to resemble pumpkins, ghosts and ghouls.


Source some strange and wonderful portrait pictures old and new and adjust them to fit the scene, masked eyes, Cut out the eyes so people can stand behind and look through. Red and green eyes or add a ghostly figure in the background.

Images of friends and family but make them look like they are from another era! Just by photocopying to grey scale or black and white and add red eyes and fangs.


Find and recycle old brown envelopes and black paper and draw or print on blackened silhouettes of trees and birds to make eery confetti for your spooky table.


Using black card or black felt , cut out bat and spider shapes in the multitude and then place over doors and windows for a great entrance to a Halloween house of horrors.


You don’t want a smelly pumpkin lying around and you want to have pumpkins that you can recycle and use year after year, well-knit some rather fabulous pumpkin patch that can be used year after year!


Want something a bit more contemporary and tounge in cheek or should I say bite on neck. Make some naughty slogans out of cardboard using some interesting fonts and teeth!


And if you are not really sure where to start there is always a great crafty workshop to go to. Unfortunately this year due to recent return of my travels MAKE has sadly not had time to prepare any new workshops. But I thoroughly recommend this one……

Halloween Costume and Make Up Work shop
Excited about Halloween? So are we!! As part of the 2nd annual Amsterdam Halloween Festival, we’ve joined together a group of make-up artists, costumiers, hat makers and serious Halloween fanatics to offer you a HALLOWEEN CRAFT NIGHT.

Get inspiration for your Halloween masterpiece, learn a new skill or take your costume to the next level. Suitable for guys & ghouls.

Entrance is just 5 euros. There will be demos, workshops, and experts on-hand to advise or help with ideas for your costume. Some supplies will be available for purchase but bring items you’d like to work with.

Learn how to make a mini Lolita / gothic hat or gentleman’s top hat from scratch. Basic supplies (material, glue, feathers, accessories) are available, though feel free to bring along objects you would like to build onto the hat.

Learn how to hide eyebrows and create a dramatic Diva or Victorian look, how to create a very gory zombie face and build your own custom eyelashes (using the most unexpected materials!).

Build a petticoat, waistcoat or corset from scratch! Use fabric, plastic, recycled items, old clothes, to create or add to your Halloween costume.

Feel free to bring your costume, a photo or idea. Professional Halloween freaks will be on-hand to advise or help with inspiration.

The Halloween Workshop is made possible by Amsterdam Spook, Katie’s Craft Corner, Mirabai de Monchy, Leonie & Dorien Klooster.

And for those that seem to think De Nieuwe Anita is getting some hell of a pluggin’ well its cause it’s a cool place and there are some damn fine crafty and creative folk that get involved there and that’s what its all about!

But do not worry more inspiration, news and venues coming!


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