Claire’s Christmas Crafty Club and a whole lot of HO HO HO!!!

10 Dec

What happens when you put a selection of ladies together from the UK, Holland, Poland, Austrailia, South Africa, Texas and Slovakia with a bunch of glitter, glue, cards, paper, tinsel, wool, and fabric?

A HUGE amount of creativity!

Claire’s Christmas crafty club supplied a whole heap of crafty goodies, a warm cosy Amsterdam Apartment, some hot spicy mulled wine and some Christmas vinyl to a bunch of lovely ladies whom well and truly got in the Christmas Spirit to make traditional and not so traditional ( Zana’s knitted condom holder for a present to someone!) gifts and presents for their loved ones and friends.

Every year we see more and more mass produced gifts, decorations and cards, and the ever prescence of online social media also has meant in the last few years more and more people send cards via email. So crafty club brought back some good ol’ hand crafty traditions and there will be some lucky people out there getting very special , hand made, personally created cards and stockings. I suggest you all get inspired by these girls, you got time before Chritmas! Go on MAKE something, show someone you really did think of them , and MAKE them something special.

Here is some inspiration from the night!


Thank you to Miss Kat, one of the ladies from WINK WINK whom made the fabulous mulled wine and also to Mirabai from Dikke Lepel for her gorgeous cup cakes. All the ladies were truly spoiled.

MAKE will  hopefully be running more workshops in the new year. Maybe starting with a Vaelntine’s Special end of January 2011! MAKE will also be available for any events, and tailored workshops, maybe for a birthday, a suprise, or just a girlie get together.

For more information email:

In the meantime a very happy Christmas to the ladies………

Big Hug




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