Miko paints memories, events from his life, loved ones, daydreams, fears

1 Nov

I don’t know about you but MAKE recently has been getting it’s hands dirty, and I don’t mean in a seedy way, but in a fun painting and printing way! Dont get me wrong I LOVE my MACbook but there is something a bit more tactile about REAL paint.

MAKE met a great young Dutch artist a while back and I wanted to share with you some of his work.

Miko Veldkamp sent in to MAKE some great images of his paintings, and a description of his work:

The subjects in my paintings are combinations of memories, events from
my life, loved ones, daydreams, fears, and certain fascinations of
mine. I usually work from photographs, but while painting I let the
image arise from the colors, the light and the paint. When something
in the image starts to become a little “off” or “not quite right”
that’s when I like it. I strive for a certain clumsiness in my work,
but one that is sincere.

Miko is currently working on a new website and work for a new show. If you would like anymore information on his work or to contact Miko.

Please contact info@make-anything.com


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