last minute monday

1 Nov


cinemanita @ De Nieuwe Anita

1 nov, 20.30, bar/ticks 19.30, entree €2,50

Fish Story (2009)

FISH STORY  (2009)
Directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura
112 minutes
In Japanese with English subtitles

This is the kind of film that really belongs in the Anita, a film that many people love, which has gained a cult following, which is bursting with music and which has never been screened in the cinemas here!

What is this rarely seen film about? A lone man meanders through the seemingly empty streets of a deserted city on his scooter. Garbage is strewn in the streets; cars are abandoned; there is not a soul in sight. That is, except at a strange little record shop. The lone man goes in and is annoyed that the owner would open his store on the day a comet is racing towards the Earth, inevitably causing its destruction. And so begins Fish Story, a seemingly disparate tale told over several times periods and unrelated people, only to show a strange butterfly effect in the final climax.

The film has been making the rounds at various film festivals for the last year and getting rave reviews, and deservedly so. Director Yoshihiro Nakamura creates a genre-bending film from a novel by Kotaro Isaka that is comedic, dramatic, supernatural, action-packed, and probably most of all a film about music and how even the most obscure song can change the fate of the world.

The film spans four decades and elements include a failed punk rock band in the late 1970’s, a meek college student in the 1980’s, a doomsday cult in 1999, a ferry hijacking in 2009, and a trio of people in a second-hand record shop in a deserted city waiting for a comet to strike the earth in 2012. All these threads intertwine to create a really quirky and delightful tapestry, with wit and humour, as well as an exceptional cast. Even better, it’s definitely more than the sum of its parts.

Here is one response:

“Fish Story is a film that it’s better to not know much about it, which is 1) intriguing and 2) lets you know it’s going to be a challenge to review. Actually, when I hear that, I assume the film will be non-narrative but Fish Story is, although in a unique, mash up way. What I can tell you is that it’s brilliant, funny and has freaking awesome music. It has a post apocalyptic flair to it. Although it does ponder questions like how you would spend your time if you knew the world was going to end, or if you believe in the unbelievable, the joy of it really is that unfolds beautifully in front of the eyes like a puzzle slowly being put together but where each and every piece is a gem unto itself.”

+ THE DANISH POET (2006)  14 minutes
Directed by Torill Kove, with Liv Ullmann.


One Response to “last minute monday”

  1. MAKE November 2, 2010 at 9:14 am #

    WOW! One of the coolest film’s I have seen in a LOOOONnnng time!

    I thoroughly recommend that you check out Cinemanita, for future films.

    I will put up some listings and venues very soon!

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