Scream along!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

You are in for some great horror classic’s tonight.

At The Kriterion:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Halloween Scream-A-Long

31 October 2010, 9:15pm

When a bunch of clueless teens on a road trip go nosing around the wrong Texan farmhouse, they stumble across the demented Leatherface and his insane family of grave robbers and cannibals. Who shall survive and what will be left of them?

Scare yourself to death in Kriterion this Halloween with a special KLIK! screening of the 1974 horror classic by Tobe Hooper, complete with an interactive scream-o-meter that indicates when, how loud and how long you can scream along with Teri McMinn as Pam and the incomparable Marilyn Burns as the original scream queen Sally Hardesty.

After the screening you can continue screaming and dance like a psycho in the cafe, where DJ’s Pat & Raven will be waiting for you…

Amsterdam Halloween Festival

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Halloween Scream-A-Long is presented by the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival and Filmtheater Kriterion and is part of the 1st annual Amsterdam Halloween Festival, organised by Amsterdam Spook.

At OT301:

Halloween Horror Special!

Style: Horror/ trush
Starts: 20:30 hrs
Entrance: 4 Euro

20.30 The Devil Rides Out by Terence Fisher (1968) 91 min, UK

22.15 At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul by José Mojica Marins
Portuguese with English subtitles


Also it is the last day/night to get your film ready for KLIK! Nacht shots as part of Museum night:

Nacht Shots
sat 06 November 00:00

In preparation of the 11th annual Museum Night on the 6th of November, n8 and Cineville join hands and organize the ‘Nachtshots 1 minute nocturnal video competition’ for the second time. Show us the difference between day and night in Amsterdam: capture how the night transforms the city in 60 seconds of moving image.

The best videos will be shown in Cineville theaters about 50 times every week and in several museums during the museum night on the 6th of November. The deadline is the 1st of November.

For more information:



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