28 Oct

So being a bit crafty and having a HUGE love for all things retro, vintage, second hand and hand made, I have been a BIG fan of the last couple of years.

In fact there were many finds on the site which I bought for my wedding, several pairs of shoes, none of which fit and a white 60’s nightie I was convinced was going to be my vintage wedding dress. Thankful to say that certain friends persuaded me otherwise. The 1960’s pill box hat however was a hit and made up for some of the other buys.

But my return to Etsy is now for the potential use as a resource to sell my hand made crafts….until that is I got the fear of god in me after seeing this great website

Regretsy is dedicated to the weird and wonderful things that get put on Etsy, that are actually for SALE and you think WTF ! How on earth did someone come up with that? Creatively I think some of these are pure genius, if not purely for the comedy, as some of these actually make me laugh out loud! Just to give you an idea in their category section these are some of the titles you can search under:

Holistic Horseshit

Pet Humiliation

Proportion Problems


Whimsicle Fuckery

So I thought I would share some with you, and remember you can actually BUY these:




The site however genuinely supports Etsy and drives a lot of traffic back to the Etsy site and all revenue raised by Regretsy is donated to charitable causes. So not only do the very weird and wonderful creatives whom exhibit and sell, get extra traffic and mileage out of their work, we get a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling that the revenue is going to some great causes.

You never know MAKE may make it on one of the two or both one day!




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