MAKE your Halloween costume. The weird and the wonderful.

25 Oct

So is Halloween BIG in Amsterdam?

Where will you be going?

At the moment the winning party looks like Amsterdam Beat Club’s HAIRBALL at Paradiso this weekend.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking not where to scare, but how to scare?

So here are some MAKE it your self Halloween tips from MAKE!

1.     SPANDEX or tights, funny and or just plain scary on the WRONG person

2.     CHANGE YOUR IDENTITY. Just steal some one else’s clothes or go as your partner, friend, mother, roomie, and see if they notice.

3.     STRANGE THING. Get cardboard boxes, egg cartons, scissors and black tape. See what you can make, and if that fails you can just sleep in it if you cannot get home.

4.     FAKE BLOOD, everywhere, rub yourself in it, it’s a last minute wonder if you didn’t bother to get any outfit, looks effective and you can even just use tomato ketchup!

5.     ANIMALS, people love being animals. Don’t know why. But its easy, cover yourself in egg and butter and go to the nearest hairdresser and roll around in all the left over hair. Instant werewolf, dog, or rabbit!

6.     STILL AT A LOSS? If all else fails STREAK, there is nothing funnier than seeing people naked! Or at least scares or repulses everyone.

You got a few days, so get crafty! And here are some pictures for inspiration……..


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