Do you want a FREE gift from MAKE?

24 Oct

It’s easy!

MAKE is feeling generous!

And MAKE has decided to give away some nice things, well what ever I can find really, it’s autumn, so you may just get a TWIG!

For the first 20 people that send me an email with their name and address/sign up to my subscription, you will recieve something really nice from MAKE in the post! YES in the post, not the kind of post that hurts the most, none of this cyber mail stuff, but a real package/gift to your house, flat, shed, work place, tipi, where ever!

oooh yes! and then we can be buddies forever! High five me.

Well er until you get bored of MAKE or have absoloutely no interest in what I am writing about and you decide to un-subscribe from MAKE, in which case we had a nice time together and you got something out of it.

So come on then, what are you waiting for send an email with your details to: and subscribe with your email on this blog!


One Response to “Do you want a FREE gift from MAKE?”

  1. Alan Grant October 24, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    Free stuff!!!! Could solve a birthday present issue I have!!!!!

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