Do you judge a book by its cover?

24 Oct

A classic, is a classic, right?

And penguin book design and the literature within, are classic’s. Collector’s item’s, things of intrigue, wisdom, entertainment, and even beauty. So should they be tampered with?

I’m not so sure, but then Herman Miller’s take on the traditional/classic did bring a smirk to my face. No more or less so than say a Banksy, or any other artist before him, whom find re-hashing, twisting, or poking a little tongue in cheek fun at art. Or do you stop and think, does it have a different meaning?

Well go see for your self and you can decide as some of Herman Miller’s large-scale, playful reworkings of Penguin book covers are on show at the Reflex Gallery, Amsterdam until 9th November 2010.


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