Unique Ampule Bag’s are joining MAKE at the Sunday Market!

21 Oct

MAKE has invited Dutch all – round creative, Jenneke van Bakel from Ampule, for an interview, as we will be selling her fantastic Bags at the Sunday Market.

Here is  what she has to say about some of her work and some of her bag designs.

Make: Why did you start making and designing bags?

Jenneke: I started making bags because I wanted to get the fun back in making things, as I was a serious artist making installations with film and photography. I wanted to loose the dogmatic feeling I got, having exhibitions in galleries. I wanted to get the feeling back that I would get as a child when I was making something.

Make: What were the first bags that you designed?

Jenneke: The first ones were satin bags with pin-ups which I would send to my friend in London. She would sell them on portobello market for a lot of money. Later I would also make bags when I needed one for special occasions, for example when I went on holiday. That’s when the new york bag emerged.

The new york bag has been bought by many people, including a pianist living in Japan, an architect in Sweden, and a Dutch female Mayor.

Jenneke with the New York Bag.

Make: What are unique about your bags?

Jenneke: I originally made it so my super 8 camera would fit in there. I even made it in such a way that you could wear it on your back. I also made one for a trip to Vienna as it was very hot and I didn’t want to run around with a lot of stuff.  Then people started to stop me in the street asking where I bought my bag, which was cool.

Vienna Bag.

Make: What individual elements are part of your design?

Jenneke: The colour of the lining can be chosen. For the Mayor’s bag I used a soft chalk green silk lining. The lining of the New York bag is usually a shiny red cotton and the stripes on the New York bag are velvet.

New York Bag with Red Lining.

Make: Can you describe some of your bags and style?

Jenneke: There’s a slingback version and a shoulder bag version. I used to always wear slingback bagsuntil i got severe r.s.i., then I started to make them into shoulder bags.

I used chains because they are really easy to wear, the ‘ace of hearts’ bags is one of those styles. I still use it to this day, the inspiration and picture comes from a drawing I made when I was in love.

The Ace of Hearts Bag.

The silhouette bag is a bag always made on a commission/assignment. I need a good profile picture for that. I usually take those myself as I know what I need to get the right profile. It can be a person or an animal, or a thing.

The Silhouette Bag.

Make: What are your plans for the future?

Jenneke: Well next to making bags I also take photographs, I write and I make super 8 films. But that’s something different all together.

Make: How did you come to know MAKE?

Jenneke: I met MAKE some time ago in Amsterdam, for some friendly Dutch lessons. But the Dutch never quite took off, but our mutual passion for ALL things creative did!

Make: Have you ever sold or had your bags sold at the Sunday Art Market before?

Jenneke: No but I have heard great things about it, it is a great offering to Amsterdam, the combination of art, design, music, crafts, fashion and more. And combining with MAKE and their stall and their products seemed the natural way to join forces.

Pretty Packaging.

Matching Purses.

New York Bags and Flapper Dress.

And that is why MAKE loves Jenneke, for her all round creative flair, so come visit MAKE at the Sunday Market and see the gorgeous bags for yourself!

If you would like to know more about the bags and products, prices, commissions and made to order please email:

MAKE –  info@make-anything.com

Jenneke – Jennsampule@hotmail.com


3 Responses to “Unique Ampule Bag’s are joining MAKE at the Sunday Market!”

  1. carrie October 21, 2010 at 3:52 pm #

    Love these bags…loving the blog….good luck with it gorgeous x

    • MAKE October 21, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

      Thanks Carrie! The bags are designed by Jenneke, I am sure she will appreciate the comments! And hopefully you will see some MAKE products on here really soon!

  2. belt buckles October 21, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    I’m really liking these designs

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